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McDonald's McCafe Half Price Wednesday 50% OFF Promotion (every Wednesday) 

McDonald's RM5 Monday Morning Promotion (every Monday) 

McDonald's RM7 Monday Morning Breakfast Promotion (every Monday) 

McDonald's FREE Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Happy Meal Toys (2 November 2023 - 6 December 2023) 

02 Nov 2023 - 06 Dec 2023

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McDonald's Smoky Grilled Beef & Mexicana Chicken Burger 

McDonald's New Nasi Pak Di: Home-Cooked Flavors at Just RM10.99 

McDonald's Hello Yellow Monday FREE Breakfast Promotion (First Monday of the Month) 

05 Jun 2023onwards

McDonald's Ayam Goreng McD 

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McDonald's All Day Special Promotion 2x Spicy Chicken McDeluxe & 5pcs Ayam Goreng McD Expired

McDonald's Spicy Lemon Chicken McDeluxe Expired

McDonald's Everyday Saver Meal Expired

McDonald's Hangat Hour Promotion 50% OFF Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or Spicy Lemon Chicken McDeluxe (every Tuesday & Thursday) Expired

24 Oct 2023 - 09 Nov 2023

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McDonald's McDelivery Super Value Meals: Get Incredible Savings of Up to 68% on Add-Ons! Expired

McDonald's Create Your Own Breakfast Platters Expired

McDonald's Chocolate Cheesecake McFlurry Expired

McDonald's Karnival Famili Mekdi at Putrajaya, Pulau Pinang, and Johor Bahru Expired

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McDonald's Seksyen 22 Shah Alam DT Opening Promotion (13 October 2023 - 15 October 2023) Expired

13 Oct 2023 - 15 Oct 2023

McDonald's Double Spicy Chicken With Cheese Expired

McDonald's McDelivery 10.10 Sale (10 October 2023 - 15 October 2023) Expired

10 Oct 2023 - 15 Oct 2023

McDonald's RM1 OFF Omelette Wrap & Americano Promotion Expired

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